Welcome to my webpage

I am currently completing my Bachelor’s degree at Haverford College, majoring in Mathematics and Linguistics. My Mathematics thesis is titled “Combinatorial Models for Key and Atom Polynomials”, which was be presented on 2024-05-06. My Linguistics thesis is titled “Requirement of Variable-Introducing Elements on Event Quantification in Chinese”, which was defended on 2023-12-21.

I will join the graduate program in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo in 2024-09.

I am interested in combinatorics, algebra, algebraic combinatorics, mathematical olympiads, Linux, Chinese linguistics, semantics, syntax, LaTeX.

On this website, you may:

Feel free to reach me via zeusdanmou@gmail.com or, for Haverford-related business, via gdantasemo@haverford.edu. I am also on Discord as @zeus_dm, and all over the internet under the username ZeusDM.

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